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Venue rental

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Rental instructions

Relevant fees:

  1. Fees: Tenants can call or email to inquire about venue usage and rental status.

  2. The venue can accommodate 10-15 people, and generally every hour is HKD 250.00.

  3. Rental: Minimum rental time is 1 hour, and you can rent it for half an hour thereafter. Overtime usage will be charged on time. (No 15-minute rental period)

  4. Hirers are required to pay the relevant fees before using the venue. If necessary, you can get an official receipt from our staff.

  5. If the renter wants to change the rental time or date, he must notify the group at least 24 hours before using the venue. If the venue has been occupied by other

  6. If the rental time cannot be changed due to reasons such as renting, the applicant can use the paid fee for future rental.

  7. If the renter cancels the use of the venue, he must notify the group at least 48 hours before using the venue. If the renter notifies the group of canceling the use of the venue within 48 hours, the renter will also need to pay the total fee. 50% of rent. If the renter notifies the group of canceling the use of the venue 24 hours before using the venue, the renter will also need to pay the full rental fee.

  8. If the renter/user is unable to use the venue due to a typhoon signal No. 8 or above or a black rainstorm warning signal, the renter/user may choose to change the rental date and time, or request a refund.

  9. If a typhoon signal No. 8 or above is suddenly hoisted or a black rainstorm warning is issued when the renter/user is using the venue, the group will be required to collect the venue rent as usual.


Rules for renting/using venues:

  1. Renters/users must abide by the "Rules for Renting/Using Venues" set by the Group.

  2. If the renter/user violates these rules, the Group reserves the right to terminate his or her right to rent the venue.

  3. Tenants/users must remove their shoes before entering the venue.

  4. Renters/users must return the venue on time. The rental time includes venue preparation and cleaning. Those who are overdue will be charged additional fees on time.

  5. Tenants/users must keep the venue clean and ensure that indoor items are arranged in their original locations after using the venue. Waste must be packed in plastic bags and placed in designated locations.

  6. If renters/users bring props and items, they must obtain approval from the group and place them properly according to the instructions. When returning the venue, all props and items brought must be immediately and completely dismantled and moved.

  7. Without the permission of the Group, the renter/user is not allowed to place any items or post instructions, notices or any promotional materials within the scope of the Group. All posters related to the event must be removed and moved immediately after the rental is completed.

  8. Renters/users are not allowed to move or dismantle fixed facilities in the venue without authorization. After using the venue, all tables, chairs, equipment and supplies must be returned to their original positions and maintained in their original condition.

  9. Renters/users are required to apply for and obtain valid licenses required for various activities/activities.

  10. Smoking is strictly prohibited within this venue.

  11. Any form of gambling is strictly prohibited within the scope of this venue.

  12. It is strictly prohibited to bring contraband, dangerous items or indecent items into the group.

  13. During the rental period, if all facilities are damaged, damaged or lost, the renter/user must compensate the group for the loss.

  14. The group is not responsible for any personal injury or death or property loss or damage caused by the renter/user during activities in the group's venue. rent

  15. The renter/user is required to purchase appropriate insurance for the relevant activities and is responsible for the safety of event participants.

  16. The office, reception desk and non-leased areas are the private domain of the group and no unauthorized entry is allowed.

  17. All activities of renters/users have nothing to do with the Group, and the Group will not assume any responsibility. Renters/users understand and agree that all their activities must comply with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  18. The group reserves the right to modify and final interpretation of venue rental/use rules.

payment method
  • Cheque:
    • ​Check payable to: Class 7A Drama Group Limited
    • Mail to: Room C, 19th Floor, Mei Wah Industrial Building, 1-7 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, or
    • ​ Directly deposit into the following account.
  • Bank transfer: ​
    • Beneficiary name: Class 7A Drama Group Limited
    • Bank name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    • Bank account: 499-371995-001
  • Fast FPS:
    • Identification code 169092608
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